WaterPuff Medical bong (Portable Instant Waterpipe Shisha)


The WaterPuff is pleased to announce the launch of its much anticipated portable instant Shisha. After two years of innovation, Waterpuff can present the smoking world community with a truly new and ingenious product which will revolutionise the way we smoke Shisha forever. 

A portable instant water-pipe which amazing Fits on any international bottle in an instant, comes in a 2 piece, screw it on and you instantly turn any bottle into a water bong.

Waterpuff understands the dynamics of the smoking market, the issues that face smokers of Shisha every day. It all started 3 years ago, 4 friends who used to gather to smoke all agreed the potential of making a truly portable kit, that was small enough to fit in your pocket and cheap enough to throw in the bin.


  • The WaterPuff fits on any Glass or Plastic bottle
  • Reuse over and over
  • Designed to be portable and transportable
  • Cheap enough to dispose
  • Made from environmentally approved plastics
  • Fits in your pocket