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  1. Purr2Go (Flower & Concentrate Combo)

    Purr2Go (Flower & Concentrate Combo)

    Regular Price: $99.00

    Special Price $60.00

    Purr2Go is the world’s first injection molded travel bubbler! It's made of premium polycarbonate, medical grade, 100% BPA free, high heat resistant & shatter resistant - all made exclusively in California. This revolutionary pipe is completely modular, which means you can assemble it and take it apart effortlessly! Purr2Go can be used with flower or concentrates. Made for easy travel, care, cleaning & includes a convenient travel case. The Purr2Go kit includes: Purr2Go, removable glass downstem, glass bowl, grade 2 domeless titanium nail, and a travel case. As an added bonus, the travel case is made of neoprene, a protective and water resistant material. Learn More