Verdant Pro Jet flame Torch Assorted


The Verdant Pro butane torch is a refillable, gas torch with metal base. The torch creates a precise flame, emitting from a nozzle head, allowing direct heat application to an object. It is used for detailed purposes such as brazing, plumbing, soldering, jewelry making, and culinary, dental and lab applications. Its design is intended for a low blow-out rate, when held in various positions, or where access is difficult, or space is limited. Its head is angled and it comes with a tabletop base for hands-free work. It features a gas-flow adjustment to control flame length. The torch has an angled head, and its flame range is 2.0 to 6.0 inches. It has a safety component that offers manual lock of the ignition, when not in use. The torch measures approx. 5.9" H x 5" W x 1.5" D and has a rubber body finish. The Verdant Pro operates with a standard butane canister (sold separately).