Incyclers are an acronym for internal recyclers, a new trendy dab rig and bong style among herb users. In the incycler pipes, smoke enters the inner portion filled with water and thereby diffuses into vapor entering the primary chamber through a continuous motion. In fact, both water and vapor enter the incycler’s internal portion through the percolator slits placed at an angle to enhance the vortex flow.

Incyclers are an upgrade over the traditional concentrate pipes and many people use them as they give smoother and cooler hits in comparison to the old herb smoking methods. This is because there are extra percolators in incyclers that allow the smoke to have more contact with bubbling water. Moreover, the second chamber of an incycler works like a splashguard, which ensures you inhale vapor only and no water.

Once vapor and water diffuse moving via separate tubes and looping in between multiple chambers, the vapor can be inhaled through the mouthpiece as they are fully filtered of smoke and arrives smooth. This is why they are considered to be one of the safest glass water pipes, as smoke breaks down to vapor form, and what you inhale would be flavorful herbs.

Incyclers usually have a multi-chamber design with a main percolator, which starts the diffusion of vapor inside. The extra chambers are ideal to get the most flavorful hits ideally from the concentrate herbs although many people also use incyclers to smoke cannabis.

It is seen that people speak highly of how the draining works on the incyclers, which is the time taken for the secondary chamber to refill the primary chamber with vapor. However, incyclers need a certain quantity of water to be kept for the vapor temperature to get cooler when you inhale the vapor through the mouthpiece.

Using incyclers is ideally preferred as water constantly moves with the piece and the vapor will not sit stale. This would ensure that you get the best vaping experience inhaling vapor and exhaling the dab in a few seconds at the most. Dabbers often prefer incyclers that drain for quite a while. The hits will be cooler and you can dab more quantity of concentrate herbs when using an incycler as an alternative to a standard acrylic bong.