Glass bubblers used to smoke cannabis borrow design aspects from glass water pipes such as percolator slits and so forth. Bubbles use water bubbles for cooler hits that won’t leave a sting on your throats or lungs. The percolators will filter any impurities from dry herbs, giving users healthy hits over mere ecstasy.

The combination of percolators and water makes using bubblers unique, healthy, and cool. This also explains why glass bubbles are used for recreation purposes by individual users and as good health practices too. They resemble bongs in the sense that both are a variant of water pipes made of glass. However, considering the size and shape alone over functionality, glass bubblers closely relate to water pipes in the sense that they are smaller than standard bongs but can’t be cleaned all that easily like you may do with bongs.

Bubblers typically have a glass bowl, a carburetor hole in certain models, and a mouthpiece. The downstem that is integrated around its chamber will hold water in small quantities. If you have a model featuring percolator slits, then you can make full use of the product to smoke dry herbs.

Users fill water in the chamber of the bubbler preferably cold, and use the dry herbs ground up. If it has a carburetor, they cover the hole with the thumb before inhaling smoke through the mouthpiece. There are clear benefits of using glass bubblers to smoke weed even though their downside lies on the unibody shape that won’t let you to clean the piece by taking out accessories. Still, bubblers should be cleaned from time to time to get the most value out of it, and inhale smoke in the purest way possible.

Benefits of Bubblers

Firstly, if you have prior experience of smoking weed with a glass bong, a bubbler may provide you an alternative that you can use while in transit owing to its seamless shape and better portability. Glass is one of those materials that can be shaped into many different shapes, and bubblers are no exception to that. Essentially, they tie the ease of use of water pipes alongside the mild ecstasy of smoking dry herbs from bongs. They are lightweight, long lasting, and are ideal alternatives for starters to smoking with bongs.