The heating coils inside a vape pen heat the herb mixture to the right temperature so that it turns to vapor for inhalation. They form the most important components of herb vape pens along with the batteries and heating control circuitry. Any issues with the heating coils can prevent the herb mixture from getting heated, thus preventing the vaporization. In fact, the coils can get damaged due to prolonged heating and cooling cycles, and that will affect the performance and functioning of the herbal vape pens.

A damaged coil can cause the vape pens to deviate from their normal functioning. Usually, coils are not repairable and require a full replacement to continue using the vape pen. This is why most vape pens exhibit signs to look out for that indicates a bad coil. Closely observing the functioning of the vape pen can help to identify whether the heating coils are working perfectly or not. Below are 3 signs that indicate replacing the heating coils of a vape pen.

A Burnt Taste

The presence of a burnt taste during vaping is the telltale sign that indicates the failure of the heating coil. A bad coil can consume more power from the battery and even heat the herb to a higher temperature. This result in the mixing of a burnt flavor with the vapor produced. It indicates a faulty coil and requires replacement since it may have damaged the coil fully beyond repair. Continuing using the vape pen when the burnt taste is felt can further damage the coil and other components.

Reduced Vapor Production

A decrease in the vapor produced is another prominent sign that indicates a bad heating coil. This is usually caused because the coil fails to heat the herb mixture at its adequate temperature to produce sufficient vapor. The functioning of the coil can diminish over time and usage, which will reduce the amount of vapor produced from the herb mixture. This can significantly affect the vaping experience and a coil replacement is the only way to restore the normal functioning of the vape pen.

Gurgling Sounds

The presence of gurgling sounds during vaping is another vital sign that indicates a bad heating coil. The inefficient functioning of the coil can result in the slow heating of the herb mixture or liquid, which results in the gurgling sound. This can also result in the leaking of the vape pen that can further decrease the vaping experience. A vape pen that produces gurgling sounds requires immediate replacement of the heating coils to prevent further damage.