You may need to know how to heat up the dry herbs or even concentrate herbs with the herbal vape pens especially when you use the device for the first time. If you have the right grinding cards to crush the dry herbs into small buds, then you are all set to go.

Loading the Chamber

Firstly, up take off the cap of the vape pen and use your fingers or a dab tool to load the dry herb buds gently into the chamber. Do make it a point that you are not overfilling the chamber with excess dry herbs, as air needs to pass through the chamber of the pen-shaped herbal vaporizer.

Heating up the Pen

Prior to inhaling the vapor, you should let the pen get heated up completely. Most herbal vape pens usually take anywhere between 10 seconds to a minute to get heated up. The lower temperature will give you flavorful hits and the higher temperature will reproduce powerful hits with thick vapor.

Note that many vaporizers have changeable temperature settings as well, so you can use that as per the heat levels you want the device to reproduce.

Taking the Hit

Once the temperature is set accordingly, then you can inhale the vapor from the mouthpiece of the battery-powered herbal vaporizer. Ensure that the battery is at least three fourth or full right at the start. Many people even store an extra battery inside their vaporizer’s accessory casing to ensure they get a steady performance from the device with ample backup when on the go.

Remember to Clean

You can have a poker-style tool to get rid of the dry herbs residue from the chamber after you are done smoking. Remember, cleaning the chamber after each usage is just as needful as charging the battery. Consider each use as the first time usage and follow proper cleaning methods to keep your vape pen ready for the next use.

You can use a small tool to clean the sticky areas, as using your hands inside the chamber of the pen-shaped herbal vaporizer can be tough. With practice though, you will get used to the routines.