Dabbing has quickly gained popularity among smokers over glass smoking pipes mainly due to the smoking experience it offers. However, it requires several accessories, most importantly the nail, where the concentrate in the form of wax or hash is heated to extremely high temperatures for vaporizing and inhaling the contents.

Dabbing nails are made from several materials such as titanium, glass, quartz, and ceramic. Yet titanium is the most common and highly effective nail used for dabbing. Compared to other types of nails, titanium is tougher and mostly preferred by smokers because it provides the best dabbing experience. Described below are the benefits of using titanium nails for dabbing.

Large Heat Retaining Capacity

One of the key benefits of a titanium nail is that it can retain heat for much longer periods than what other materials can. This will help smokers to successively inhale the vapor and thus achieve bigger hits. It can also withstand large amounts of heat and does not create any toxic fumes during heating. The greater heat retaining capacity of titanium nails will also help in preventing the wastage of butane from the lighter. Besides, titanium nails will also heat up faster than glass or ceramic nails, making them ideal for repeated dabbing.

Large Dabs

Another benefit of using titanium nails is that it can provide larger dabs than any other kind of nails. This is because other materials like glass, quartz, and ceramic have a lesser heat retaining capacity that prevents smokers from taking larger dabs. A titanium nail, due to its large heat retaining capacity, will keep the heat to allow large dabbing that will give an immense hit to the smoker. Besides, it can also hold more content than other types of nails, thus enabling one to achieve larger and repeated dabbing without refilling from time to time.

Long Lasting

Titanium is a highly durable material that can withstand stress without causing any deformations. This high durability of titanium nails makes them ideal for repeated use without any deterioration in quality. Other types of nails such as glass can expand and contract during the heating and cooling cycle, which will cause it to break after a few uses. Titanium nails are the hardest of them all and can withstand any kind of impact and still function without any issues.