One of the most popular materials used to build bongs is glass. Manufacturers prefer glass to other types of materials because glass offers a pure and clean taste, and it does not affect the flavor of the smoke as other materials do. Moreover, the transparent attribute of glass allows users to easily monitor the resin build up. Even if the build-up happens, glass is pretty easy to clean.

These astonishing properties of glass have made glass bongs much more popular, and so they are a little bit more expensive when compared to other types of bongs. Glass can be easily shaped and molded to design different types of bongs, which is why you will have several options when searching for a glass bong. Below are a few common styles of glass bongs available out there.

Standard Bongs

Standard or regular glass bongs are simple, affordable, convenient to use, and an ideal choice for beginners. Most of the standard glass bongs available in the market contain a down stem, slide, tube, base, and a mouthpiece. Some expensive bongs even come with ice pinches that allow users to cool down the smoke a bit more.

Percolator Bong

The multiple compartments inside the percolator glass bong filled with water, effectively cools the smoke. Plenty of different varieties of percolators are available but their main purpose remains the same, which is to divide the smoke into lighter particles for creating more surface area, and in turn give a smoother hit to the smokers. Percolator glass bongs with multiple “percs” offer a much enjoyable and smoother hit.

Gravity Bong

Gravity glass bongs are ideal for creating massive clouds of smoke and for getting a heavy dose. A gravity bong is usually designed by filling a slightly larger container with water and then a major portion of the top half of the bottle is submerged with a cannabis bowl, which is directly inserted into the cap. The shotgun like effect induced by gravity glass bong is something you won’t want to miss.

Fritted Disc Bong

Fritted disc bong is technically a type of percolator bong but it is highly effective than other types of percolator bongs. Manufacturers melt a fritted glass to create tiny holes in it, which efficiently break up the smoke to offer a pleasing experience to smokers. Fortunately, these glass bongs are available for a very low price.