Many of us prefer using a dry herb vaporizer to glass pipes and bongs, as it does not produce any smoke and helps to minimize the negative aspects of smoking. However, like all vaping devices, the performance of the vaporizer will suffer if you do not keep the battery clean. Therefore, it is very much important to keep the batteries of your dry herb vaporizer clean and free of any debris and residue to get the optimum performance from the device.

The below tips will help you to keep your dry herb vaporizer working just like the day you bought it.

Importance of Cleaning the Battery

Having a clean battery will allow the vaporizer to work properly. If you do not clean the battery of the device at regular intervals, the performance of the vaporizer can deteriorate. There will be a buildup of resin inside the device, which can decrease the usability of the same, and eventually, it may stop working. The lifespan of the device will also decrease if you do not clean the battery periodically.

Cleaning the Battery

The herb that you use in the vaporizer can be resinous and can leave buildups after repeated use. If you use the device often, it will be a wise idea to clean the device and the battery daily to avoid the decrease in its lifespan.

You will need to disassemble the vaporizer to clean its battery. After disassembling the device, clean out any residue and leftover herb. If the device has a screen, make sure that you do not lose it. Use the cleaning brush that was supplied with the vaporizer, and brush away residue and debris from the area where the heating chamber connects to the battery of the device.

Things to Note

Never use alcohol or water to clean the battery of the vaporizer. In addition, make sure that you do not disturb the heating coil while cleaning the battery, as it may render the vaporizer useless. In addition, ensure that the connection between the heating chamber and the battery is unobstructed.

Check the outside area of the battery as well for any accumulation of residue and debris. You may use an anti-bacterial wipe to clean outside areas of the battery.

By keeping the batteries of the device clean, you can make sure that the device will work for a long time. Clean the battery and the device often to have the best vaping experience.