Dab rigs are now becoming more and more popular when compared to high quality glass pipes and glass weed pipes. One reason for the increasing popularity of dab rigs is that it allows you to inhale vapor and smoke, in turn helping you to avoid the health issues of smoking.

Like any smoking or vaping equipment, dab rigs also need to be cleaned properly to get the best experience. After many dabbing sessions, reclaimed oil, carbon, and other particulates can build up on the nail. This can happen to any type of nail, whether it is quartz, titanium, or ceramic, and you will need to clean it properly before using it again.

In fact, cleaning the dab nails is very simple and you can use different methods depending on the severity of the residue buildup on the nail. Below are a few tips to help you clean your dab rig nails at home easily.

Scrape the Nail

If the buildup on the nail is minor, you can make use of an object like a paper clip to lightly scrape away the carbon residues from the inside of the nail. You can then use sharper pointed tools for getting into the hard to reach corners of the nail. Note that it will be easy for you to scrape and remove carbon buildup, but the sticky oil reclaim can be difficult to remove just by scraping. Try the next method to get rid of hard to remove residues.


Torching the nail is a very easy way to clean any buildup. You can apply heat from a torch to burn off the oil reclaim and carbon on the nail. However, you need to be careful while doing this method on quartz and ceramic nails. Never expose the red-hot nail to rapid temperature changes, as it can fracture the nail. After the residue on the nail dissipates, allow the nail to cool down completely and finish the cleaning by scraping off the buildup.


If you wish to have a shiny nail, you can wash it in a bath of isopropyl alcohol and dip it in the same for about fifteen minutes. This would help to break down any excess residues on the nail and will ensure that the hard to reach areas of the nail are clean. However, you will need to wash the nail with water and then season it a few times before using it again, as this would get rid of all the isopropyl alcohol from the nail.