A glass smoking pipe can be a much effective way to enrich the experience of smoking. However, like all other glass objects, glass smoking pipes and glass water bongs need specialized maintenance and care to ensure a long life and to maintain them in top condition. This is why, we have compiled a few tips that would help you take good care of your glass smoking pipes and make them last a lifetime.

Avoid Extreme Temperature

We would not take freezing cold glass and stick it under hot tap water, right? If you did, the glass will break or crack – the same applies for glass pipes and bongs. To avoid cracking or chipping of glass pipes, do not expose them to big temperature fluctuations.

Store Properly

Improper storage is the one of the main breakage causes of glass pipes. Bubblers and pipes with long stems can be very delicate. Therefore, it will be a wiser idea to store them in a bag made from soft cloth or in a padded sack.

Clean Regularly

One easy way to maintain a great look and ensure a fresh smoke is to clean the glass water bong and pipe periodically. Tar and resin can collect in the stem and bowl of the glass pipe, which can eventually affect the taste of the smoke. Boiling the pipe or cleaning it with rubbing alcohol would help to get rid of such buildups.

Scrub Hard Stains

If you find that cleaning with rubbing alcohol or boiling the pipe does not remove the stains, you can try scrubbing away the hard to remove stains using a pipe cleaner or a brush. Yet while cleaning, make sure not to apply much pressure on glass pipes, as it may break them.

Change Water

If you accidentally spill the dirty water in a bubbler or a water pipe, you will understand that there are only a few things, which smell worse than the dirty water. Cleaning the bongs or pipes periodically and changing the water regularly can help you avoid such situations. In addition, it is highly recommended to clean out the water from the bongs and pipes after each use.