If you are a regular cannabis user, you might be using glass pipes because of their many benefits. However, the continual usage of glass pipes can lead to the accumulation of certain smoking residues inside them such as resins and ash. This can severely affect the smoking experience, as they can clog the stem that will reduce the amount of smoke entering the chamber. This is why a full cleaning of glass smoking pipes is preferred over ineffective methods such as scrapping the chambers using a brush.

You can actually get rid of these residues that form inside and outside a glass pipe by cleaning it on a periodic basis. The household materials that you have in your home can be used to effectively clean glass pipes. Moreover, the cleaning method must remain focused on the most important parts of the pipe such as the bowl, stem, and tube. Below are some effective methods that you can use for cleaning glass pipes.

Using Salt and Rubbing Alcohol

Salt and rubbing alcohol are common household components that you can find in your home. They are effective cleaning agents and can remove all the resins accumulated inside glass pipes. For cleaning, mix both salt and rubbing alcohol in the bowl of the glass pipe and stir them well.

This will remove the resins sticking to the surface. You can then pour warm water inside to rinse out the contents. Additionally, you can use a tiny soft brush for scrapping the hard to reach areas inside the glass pipes. This will help in getting rid of residues sticking to the walls.

Submerging in Boiling Water

Boiled water is an effective way not only to loosen the residues but also to disinfect the glass pipes. For this, you must first take a pot that is large enough to hold your pipe and fully submerge it. Then keep the pot over a stove and boil the water. Use tongs to hold your glass pipe, take them out, and observe the cleaning progress.

If the resins are loosened from the pipe, turn off the stove and take out the pipe from the boiling water. Allow it to cool for about ten minutes and then pour some dishwashing liquid inside the pipe and rinse it with cold water.

Using Nail Polish Remover

Nail polish remover is a common household material that is very effective in removing hard resins from glass and other materials. If you have large quantities of nail polish remover, pour it into the glass pipe until it is full. Allow it to sit for about 15 minutes or more and then rinse off thoroughly with cold water. You can also use a soft brush by dipping it in the remover to scrap the insides of the glass pipes.