When it comes to smoking dry herbs from the glass water pipes, choosing a lighter will be a must for you going forward. You can choose a lighter accessory of any shape from the below-compiled list.

Butane Torch

The butane-powered torches give flames that tend to get as hot as 2000 Fahrenheit. However, there are smaller torches as well that create a flame of lower temperature. They will heat up the quartz banger or other heating elements present in the high quality glass pipes. Note that a smaller torch may not get hot enough in order to heat up the herbs if your pipe is large.

The hottest part of the torch’s flame is believed to be the bright blue cone triggered close to the torch but burning is incomplete there. However, if you ensure the nail sits in front of the blue tip of the torch, the herbs will burn quickly.

Hemp Wicks

Many people use hemp wicks as an alternative to the butane lighters even though the hemp wicks will not give high temperature flames. A hemp wick is used by the users to light the herb easily by wrapping it around a lighter and they are ideal for a glass pipe having a bowl.

Another plus point of using the handheld lighter made of hemp fiber is that they give better control over the flame and will help you to corner the bowl with precision.


Lighters are available in many shapes and forms, and you will need one for smoking from the high quality glass pipes. Many of you would ignite the dry herbs or concentrate herbs inserted in the glass water pipe using a disposable lighter. It is said that some may have an inconvenience smoking the glass pipe, as the lighter flame is usually pointed upwards.

If you are accustomed to inserting the herb into the pipe, you may want a torch for a better experience. However, if you want to ignite easily, you may want a lighter. Many users choose the hemp wick alongside the lighter, as that helps them to inhale the natural ingredients, when lighting the bowl, instead of toxic gases of the flame. All said and done, what you may choose to ignite the herbs will be up to your preference.