In simple words, a one hitter can be defined as a small smoking pipe, which is used and designed only for a single hit or one-time inhalation. Most of the modern types of one hitter smoking devices available in the market come with a narrow bowl that ensures a greater hit to herb enthusiasts. Unfortunately, these types of smoking apparatus can only hold approximately 25 milligrams of cannabis.

Most of the herb lovers across the world are only familiar with the one hitter, which looks exactly like a normal cigarette. However, the reality is that there are plenty of different types of one-hitter pipes available in the market and some of them are discussed below.


Kiseru is actually a Japanese pipe, which is usually made of bamboo and metal. Manufacturers use metal to design the mouthpiece, whereas bamboo is used to create the bowl that comes with the pipe.


The Middle Eastern pipe, Midwakh is usually used to smoke tobacco that is mixed with herbs. These types of one hitter smoking pipes are made out of wood, glass, metal, or even bone.


Sebsi is one of the most widely used one hitter smoking pipes and it can be easily distinguished from other one hitters due to the presence of the narrow clay bowl. It is approximately 18 inches long and it is traditionally used for smoking cannabis pollen or kief.

Most of these one hitter pipes are relatively easy to use. All you need to do is fill the narrow bowl or chamber with herb, tightly pack it, and then light it up. Now, you will need to take a puff and inhale it slowly yet steadily. This will help you to get the best hit while preventing you from pulling in the ash.

The most prominent benefit of one hitter smoking pipes is that they are highly discreet and some of them even look exactly like a normal cigarette. Additionally, most of the one hitter smoking pipes available in the market produce less smell when compared to other types of smoking devices. Besides, one hitters are designed for a single hit, which means that they will only use small volumes of your weed.