Herbs have been used in smoking mixtures for pleasure as well as for medicinal purposes. Having said that, there are few basic necessities and tools that you will always need to make your smoking experience more exciting. 


One such important necessity is your weed storage. You have to store your weed in perfect conditions; else, it will lose the potency over time and also helps to keep it your own private affair. In fact, there are many storage options, such as those that can even lock the odor of your weed and help you from being noticed especially when kids are around. 


A common way to store your weed is in a dry storage, but the herbs stored in too much of a dry area could irritate your throat and lungs when you smoke it. This is because of your flash drying. So the best way would be to store your weed in a glass jar as they are nonporous and impermeable. It is always advisable to use a glass jar that is airtight, and store it in a cool, dark, and arid space. Below are some storage methods that will help you to store your herbs and make sure they last longer.

  • Do Not Keep it in your Fridge – If you store your weed in the refrigerator or freezer, the herb will get too stiff and will fall off at your first touch. Besides, the temperature and humidity of your weed will also change. However, you can store your herbs in the refrigerator if you are making ice water or dry ice hash.
  • Keep it Moist – Keep your herb moist, but not too moist. For this, you can use a humidor. Ideally, herbs like marijuana are stored in 50-65% humidity. However, if you do not have a humidor, you can use an orange peel, wet cotton, or carrot by just throwing any of them into the container. Take care that your weeds are not too dry. Furthermore, it is always better to have powdery herbs rather than those with excess moisture as bacteria spread quickly in the latter.
  • Wrap it in Foil for Short-Term Use – Aluminum foil is great for your marijuana storage as they can protect your weed from air, light, and heat. It is the best option for short-term usage or if you choose to open them once. However, it is not a good idea if you intend to store your weed wrapped for a long time and open them often, as the aluminum foil can bunch up and damage your herbs by poking on them.