A glass pipe is an apparatus to smoke herb or tobacco. When compared to clay or wooden pipes, glass pipes do not impart any flavors to the inhaled smoke. Smoking pipes made from wood and clay had much value for the extra taste that they add to the smoke. However, the advent of newer and complex varieties of tobacco and herb strains resulted in a preference for pipes that can offer a pure smoking experience.

Glass pipes can be classified into five depending on their shape and features. If you are in search of glass pipes for sale, the below post will help you make the selection.


These are the most basic type of glass pipes available. Chillums, which are usually referred to as hand pipes, are simple tubes of glass. Users pack the smoking material to one end of the chillum, apply a good flame, and inhale the smoke from the other end. This simplicity of the chillum, however, comes with disadvantages too. As there is no carburetor, the smoke will not be very clear. In addition, glass chillums are suitable to smoke only small amount of herb or tobacco.


Spoons are more advanced than chillums as they have a carburetor. The carburetor on a spoon pipe is a hole. User can cover the hole with a finger while smoking, to draw the air through the bowl, burning the smoking material to draw smoke into the pipe. Uncovering the carburetor will make the air enter the pipe via the hole, as it will be the path of least resistance. This will help the smoker inhale all the smoke in the pipe rapidly.


Steamrollers feature glass fittings or bowls on one side with both ends remaining open. The open end on the bowl side will function as the carburetor. Some of the advanced steamrollers feature chambers between the mouthpiece and the bowl. These chambers allow rolling of smoke to increase the cooling effect. Smokers say that steamrollers are wonderful smoking pipes. However, they are not recommended smoking device for the novice smokers.

Gandalf or Sherlock Pipes

These pipes got their names from the names of the literary figures who smoked them. Sherlock pipes feature a large bowl and will have an arching stem. Usually, the bottom of the bowl will be flat to let the user make the pipe stand when not held by hand.

Gandalf pipes are similar to Sherlock pipes, except that the stem of the pipe is very much elongated. Both Sherlock and Gandalf pipes may or may not have a carburetor.


Bubblers or bubble pipes are good portable option to filter the harsh taste of resin and tar from the smoking material and can be a good pipe for the beginners. These pipes diffuse the smoke through water before inhalation to remove resin and tar, which offers a smooth taste to the inhaled smoke. Bubblers have a chamber to fill water that filters the smoke and some of them even allow adding ice to the chamber.