Using a bong has many benefits when compared to other ways of inhaling cannabis. It offers a safer smoking experience as many of the carcinogens and impurities in the smoke are removed to some extent before inhalation. This makes it much easier to smoke the cannabis and offers a much enjoyable smoking experience.

Different materials are used to make bongs of various shapes and sizes. Each of these materials utilized in the construction of bongs differs in their properties, which also influence the smoking experience. Therefore, it is important to understand the different types of bongs, especially if you intend to choose the right one for your needs. Described below are the different types of materials used to make bongs.


Glass is the most common and popular material that is used to make bongs. The glass material does not cause any changes to the smoke flavor, thereby retaining the pure taste of the smoke during inhaling. It is also used to make other types of bongs such as glass weed pipes.

Moreover, glass allows much more design possibilities than all other materials and is therefore preferred for making bongs. Due to this, glass bongs have the highest appeal and aesthetic features that can enhance the smoking experience. Glass is much easier to clean as well, and its transparency allows the user to look for buildup of resin and debris on the bong.


Another popular material used to make bongs is ceramic. They are heavier and come in different shapes, sizes, and colors. Ceramic bongs are easy to craft into different shapes and are therefore a bit expensive. However, they are brittle and can easily crack or get damaged when dropped or subjected to any pressure. Due to this, ceramic bongs are not preferable for carrying especially when traveling. Besides smoking, ceramic bongs have other applications too and can serve as great showpieces for displaying on a shelf.


Bongs made using bamboo are highly popular nowadays. Bamboo bongs are widely available and most smokers prefer them citing it as natural way to smoke cannabis. They are usually a tube of bamboo sealed at one end and decorated with paint or other fancy materials. Bamboo bongs also come in several designs and shapes, from simple to complex ones.


Another popular material used to make bongs is plastic. Due to its highly durable nature, plastic bongs do not break even in the case when it is accidentally dropped, and thus, are ideal for carrying during traveling. They are also cheaper when compared to other bong types; however, smoking through a plastic bong heavily affects the flavor of the smoke.