If you are new to herbal vaporizer or herbal vape pens, you might have come across the terms lung hit or mouth hit, but may not understand the meaning of these terms. So to help you out, let us look into the details of each of these methods of using an herbal vaporizer.

Mouth to Lung Inhalation (Mouth Hit)

This is a term used when you draw in the vapor from the pen into your mouth before inhaling it into the lungs. This is the way followed by many users, who have recently switched to herbal vape pens from traditional cigarettes and joints. This type of inhaling can be compared to drinking, in which the liquid stays in the mouth for some time before it is swallowed.


  • This method offers more control over the vapor that goes into your lungs.
  • You will be able to enjoy the flavor of the herb more as the vapor stays in the mouth for a longer time.


  • Less vapor production as your mouth will not be able to hold as much vapor as your lungs.
  • Hits can be underwhelming, as the lungs will not be getting much vapor.

Direct to Lung Inhalation (Lung Hit)

This is the term used when the inhaled vapor goes directly into your lungs without waiting in your mouth. This type of vaping can be compared to normal breathing in which the air is not held in your mouth when moving into your lungs. This type of inhalation is much popular among the professionals and among those who like to have big clouds of vapor while exhaling.


  • As your lungs are capable of holding large volumes of vapor than your mouth, direct to lung inhalation can provide you much more vapor than mouth to lung inhalation.
  • Hits are more satisfying, as much more vapor goes into your lungs.


  • Hits can be much overwhelming at times, as there is little to no control over the quantity of vapor entering your lungs.
  • This method of vaping can be harder for traditional cigarette users.

Mouth hit and lung hit are the two different types of vaping styles followed by all herb smokers. If you are looking to get a heavy hit, then you can go for direct to lung inhalation. However, if you are new to herb vape pens, then you should start with mouth hit first and gradually move on to lung hit.