If you are a person who loves to smoke herbs or marijuana, then you will probably have a glass bong at your home. Moreover, making the most out of your glass bongs and extending the life of the smoking device will be of significant importance to you.

However, it is seen that most people fail to take good care of their glass bongs. They do not understand that only keeping the inside of the glass bong clean is not enough to protect the device from bumps, scratches, and other issues. If you were looking for tips to take good care of your glass bong, below are a few simple yet efficient ways to follow in order to extend the life of your bong.

Invest in a Silicone Mat

Most people who own glass bongs prefer to keep them on a table, which is something you must try to avoid. This is because an unintentional slip or too much force could break the device and make it unsuitable for use. That is why it is best to buy a silicone mat, as it effectively protects the base of your glass bong and eliminates the chances of accidental breakage of the product.

Keep it Stationary

If you are having your friends for a party or to simply hang around, then you will be most probably passing around the glass bong. This increases the chances of an accident, which is why it is best to stop this practice and set up a designated place for the bong on a table. Your friends could gather around the table and smoke from the bong with ease.

Use a Drop-Down/Converter

If the nail of your choice happens to be Titanium, you will certainly need to be extra cautious when you are directly sticking the nail to the joint. This is because Titanium contracts and expands with the variations in temperature, which implies that it might weaken gradually, especially with repeated use.

Buy a Case

Several marijuana users often complain that they are afraid to take their glass bongs while hitting the road, as they do not know how to protect the device. If you are planning to take your bong for outdoor parties or while you are on the road, it is best to invest in a high-end case because it will offer adequate protection to your smoking device.

Invest in a Bowl Stand

If you want to add more protection to your glass bong and relieve yourself from the tension of accidentally breaking the device, it is wise to buy a bowl stand. Bowl stands offer a sturdy storage for glass bongs and minimize the chances of an accident.