You might be searching online for glass pipes for sale. Of course, glass weed pipes are great tools to smoke herb, but there are many who prefer joints and blunts over pipes and bongs. Below is how a joint differs from a blunt.

The Paper

In simple terms, a standard joint is made from a singlewide 2.75 x 1.4 inch rolling paper. The paper can be flavored and you can make the choice as per your preference. On the other hand, a blunt is made by breaking or slicing a cigar by the center, emptying the tobacco content in it, and then rolling it again with herb inside it. However, many users claim that rolling a blunt with the cured tobacco leaf is more difficult than rolling a joint.

The Size

The size of a cigar is more than that of a joint. Therefore, even the most loosely rolled blunt can be thicker and longer than a standard joint. In the case of blunt, one gram is usually the standard amount of herb, whereas a joint will have only half of that or even less. This is why many users reserve blunts for special occasions. Many users claim that blunts help them relax on levels not achievable by bongs or pipes.

The Burn

Thicker tobacco paper used to roll blunts burn slower than the paper of a joint. If you do not like tobacco, you can have a similar feel and appearance with the blunt wraps. Some of the blunt wraps will allow you to use it for up to thirty chances, when opposed to wasting many cigars. Pro tip: Practice with tobacco to minimize wastage.

The Taste

You will not get the sweet taste of the tobacco leaf with hemp, wood pulp, or rice papers. In fact, the flavor profile of blunts will depend much on the kind of cigar that you use to roll and the quality of the herb. Many expert users say that Indica strains are the best for blunts. However, you are free to choose the strain that you like the best.

The High

Blunts offer enhanced relaxation when compared to spliffs and joints. This is not just due to the size of blunts, but also due to the interaction between the tobacco paper and the herb. You can expect more head rush and energy boost while smoking a blunt than smoking a joint.