Vaporizers are the new trend among smokers due to their many benefits over the traditional methods of smoking. Vaporizers use an alternate method by heating the cannabis or tobacco until it is converted into a vapor form that is easier to inhale than regular smoke. This eliminates combustion, which will also remove any of its after products like carcinogens and other harmful contents of the smoke.

Herb vape pens are portable units shaped in the form of a pen. They have a heating element, a battery, a bowl, and a tube all cramped into a compact space that provides a convenient way to carry around and smoke much easily. Still, most of the users are confused about properly using the vape pens.

There are different models of vape pens available out there, each having any specific functions. However, the way to operate them is same. Below are some helpful steps to properly use herb vape pens.

Understand its Workings

A clear understanding of the workings of a vape pen is essential for quickly and effectively smoking through the vaporizer. The basic principle behind its working is in the heating of the contents until it produces vapors. This is done either by the methods of conduction or convention. In conduction, contact with a heating surface heats the cannabis or tobacco, whereas in convention it is heated by passing hot air through the chamber.

Get the Right Vaping Accessories

Before loading the herb vaporizers, with cannabis, it is important to crush them into fine bits. For this, it is important to use the right vaping accessories such as a grinder. This will help in breaking down the cannabis buds into fine buds that burn more quickly in the vaporizers. A small container can be used to collect the fine studs before stuffing them into the loading chamber of the vape pen.

Load the Grinded Buds

After the cannabis buds are converted into fine parts using a grinder, it must be loaded into the chamber of the vape pen. The loading chamber is located mostly at the back of most of the herb vape pens and in some models at the sides.

Use your fingers or a thin plastic stick to carefully insert the grinded contents into the chamber. Make sure to pack it lightly and not too tight, allowing air to pass through sufficiently. Once it is packed fully up to the brim of the chamber, close the lid carefully.

Heat it up and Inhale

Switch on the vape pen and wait for a few minutes until it gets fully heated up. Some advanced models even come with adjustable temperature settings that allow in regulating them according to the strain. Once heated fully, place the lips around the mouthpiece and inhale the vapor slowly. Make sure that the battery is fully charged to enjoy repeated inhaling with the vape pen.