What makes vaporizers and herb vape pens a favorite choice of smokers is that they produce vapor instead of smoke. The super heated smoke produced by most traditional combustibles available in the market often contains tar, nicotine, and a collection of several chemicals and metals that are highly carcinogenic. This implies that the obvious issue or danger associated with traditional smoking devices is that they may create severe respiratory issues to the smoker.

On the other hand, herbal vapes do not emit any such toxic ingredients, which is one of the reasons why you should switch to these products. In addition, they also have plenty of health benefits and some of them are as follows.

They Help to Cut Down the Smoking Habit

Studies conducted by experts have revealed that people who use herbal vapes find it a lot easier to stop smoking when compared to the ones who use traditional devices to smoke tobacco or marijuana. A similar study revealed that while approximately 7.3 percent who use e-cigs and herb vape pens quit after 6 months, where only 5.8 percent of people who use nicotine patches were able to do so.

They are Safer for Lungs

Herb vapes and electronic cigarettes have significantly less potential of causing cancer and respiratory problems. This is simply because of the fact that they are less harmful when compared to traditional smoking devices. However, it is crucial to note that increasing the heat for greater hit might result in the production carcinogenic by-products, which can be quite harmful to your respiratory system.

They do not Affect People Around

One of the highlighting features of vaporizers is that they don’t affect the people around you. Most of the manufacturers design herb vape pens in such a way that they are able to create an inhalable aerosol. Therefore, when you take a puff, the wax or oil gets inhaled and taken into your lungs. Studies conducted by experts noted that the average air concentration released by herbal vapes is just 0.82 to 6.23 g/m3, whereas the average nicotine production from normal cigarettes was estimated to be around 8 g/m3, which is 10 times higher.

Aside from these three health benefits, it is also scientifically proven that the possibility of microscopic and macroscopic development of tumors is tremendously less when it comes to people who use herb vape pens than to those who use traditional smoking devices. Therefore, it is best to switch to herbal vapes and move forward to a healthier tomorrow.