There are many reasons to choose glass smoking pipes over other smoking pipes and one of the most important is that they impart no competing flavors to your smoking experience. People used to prefer wood and clay pipes because they would add a bit of flavor to the simple tobacco and herbs they would smoke. However, now with the evolution of the elaborate flavors of tobacco and herbs, glass smoking pipes are the preferred choice.


Another great reason to choose a glass smoking pipe is because of how beautifully they are crafted and designed. Patterns and designs can be added by blowing bubbles of colored glass into the clear glass, by weaving together heated strands of glass, or by rolling heated glass over crushed colored glass. All of these methods give the glass pipes a unique and beautiful look.  Almost all glass pipes are hand crafted by artisans and therefore, no two glass pipes will be exactly the same.


Types of Glass Smoking Pipes


There are a myriad of glass smoking pipes to choose from and the following are some examples.



Chillums are the most basic glass pipe that you can get. It is essentially and simply a small glass tube. The upside to getting this pipe is that is compact and can be used for a quicker smoking session. The downside is that there is no carburetor making it difficult for the smoke to clear.



Spoons are the upgraded and more sophisticated version of the chillum. Most importantly spoon smoking pipes have carburetors. This allows more air to be drawn in when you cover the “carb” and allows you to rapidly and easily inhale the smoke when the “carb” is uncovered.


Steam Rollers

A steam roller is pipe with a glass bowl or fitting on one side of the pipe. Both ends of the pipe are open and the end nearest to the bowl functions as the carburetor while the opposite end of the pipe serves as the mouthpiece. Because of the amount of space between the bowl and the mouthpiece, there is more room for the smoke to “roll” hence the name steam roller. These particular smoking pipes are known for their hard hits and make fantastic smoking pipes but are not necessarily for beginners.


Bubbler pipes

Typically associated to a bong, but still definitely considered a glass smoking pipe is the Bubbler. The sometimes harsh taste of tar and resin is filtered through water before the smoke is inhaled. This causes the smoke to taste smoother. Some choose to fill the chamber with hot water creating more of a vapor which opens up the airways and facilitates in smoking. However, cold water is typically used, as it cools the smoke and makes a crisp and fresher taste.


For the flavorful tobacco and herbs of today, the best choice for your smoking enjoyment is a glass smoking pipe.