Many of us do not know that there are many alternatives to the typical bong water. These alternatives can make your smoking experience much better when used in glass bongs. Some of these alternatives are so good that you might feel like drinking the bong water, but do not do that!

Water is used as a standard filter in bongs to purify the smoke and provide a smoother smoking experience. However, there are many alternatives that can be used in glass bongs instead of tap water and some of the most popular ones are explained below. Make sure that you try these alternatives in glass bongs and not the plastic ones, as using them in plastic bongs can tear down the experience.

Ice Water

Many users claim that ice water is a great alternative to room temperature water and we agree that this alternative offers a great experience when used in glass bongs. The ice water will help to cool down the smoke while offering the required level of filtration. Ice water also helps to enhance the flavor of the herb and is a great alternative for those users who are very particular about the taste of the smoke.

Infused Water

Water infused with things like citrus peels, mint leaves, or essential oils can be used as an alternative for normal water. Some of the most common ingredients that can be used to infuse glass bong water are orange and lemon peels, strawberries, mint leaves, and ginger. Whatever be your ingredient of choice, make sure to add it to a tumbler of cold water and refrigerate it for a minimum of two hours to get the best results.


Tea is yet another great alternative to normal water as it adds a good spin to the smoking experience. The heat of the tea can offer long and smooth hits. We found that the flavors of the tea are not much noticeable while smoking, but the aromas are. In addition, the heat from the tea will offer warmth to your hands, which can be a nice experience in winter.

Cranberry Juice

Cranberry juice can be a great option for those looking to add fruity notes to bong smoking. The flavors are subtle but those with good taste buds will be able to pick them up quickly. You may use cranberry juice at room temperature or refrigerate the juice before using to get a cooling effect. Many users even claim that the acidity of the juice can help to keep the glass bong clean for a longer time.