Smokers often employ numerous methods to inhale cannabis and tobacco. Water pipes are the most popular among smokers as it provides a safe and easier way to smoke. They are made from different materials the most common being glass, wood, ceramic, etc. Regular smokers mostly prefer glass pipes than other types due to their many benefits. Moreover, glass pipes allow large quantities of smoke to be inhaled at a single time thereby providing a greater high than all other methods of smoking. Below are some five benefits of using glass pipes.


Glass pipes are stronger and more durable than other types of water pipes. They can resist many of stress when used regularly and therefore have much longer life. Glass pipes are made from a single material that undergoes the process of molding and heating to create its unique shape. This single shape determines its strength and separates it from other types, which are usually made of individual units and hence prone to breakage.

Healthy Smoking Option

Glass pipes use water to filter down the smoke before it is inhaled. This will remove many of the carcinogens and other residues present in the smoke, thereby providing a smoother smoking experience. Glass pipes will also produce less extra smoke that makes the smoking safer. In addition, the water also cools down the smoke thereby enabling an individual to smoke easily without hurting the throat.


The other major benefit of glass pipes is the style and experience in smoking that it provides. Glass pipes are available in numerous styles and forms with different colors, complex designs, and shades. This complexity of shapes is only possible in glass pipes that add to the style of smoking. They are also available in hand crafter and custom made styles that suit with individual preferences.

Smoking Experience

Glass pipes offer an improved smoking experience to the user. Their transparent nature enables the user to see the smoke channel through the pipe and its chambers. This will add to the overall experience in smoking cannabis or tobacco. Moreover, the color of the glass pipe will vary after extensive use that creates a unique gradation to the pipe and enhances its appeal largely.

Less Heating

Glass smoking pipes do not get heated easily during smoking when compared to other types of water pipes. Metal and ceramic pipes tend to gain heat quickly that makes it much difficult to hold them during smoking. It takes longer for the glass pipe to get heated and it can shed heat much quicker too. This makes them more convenient for handling when smoking.