Many of us use glass pipes to smoke cannabis or tobacco. They are incredible additions to any smoker’s kit and have many benefits as well. Today, high quality glass pipes are available in a variety of designs that range from simple to complex. Yet it will be good to have a clear knowledge regarding not only the benefits but also the origins of glass pipes, as that would help you in buying the best one for your needs.

Knowing about the history of glass pipes will also equip you with the various practices involved in its making. Moreover, it will help you to understand how glass smoking pipes and bongs evolved over the time of various civilizations.

A Brief History of Glass Pipes

The process of manufacturing glass that we know of today has its origins in the early history of humanity. The knowledge of manufacturing glass is borrowed from the production of natural glass occurring in natural processes such as volcanoes and when lightning strikes sand.

It was during 1500 BC, when the method of glassmaking slowly was discovered. Glass was first used for making jewelry and vessels and was valued highly. Although the blowpipe, the essential technology used for blowing glass, was made during 30 BC, experts strongly argue that the glass pipes originated prior to the manufacture of the blowpipe.

The usage of glass pipes was meant originally for smoking sacraments for spreading aroma into a room. However, it was later used for smoking tobacco and cannabis in many civilizations across the globe.

Why Glass Pipes are Preferred

One of the unique advantages of glass pipes is that it provides you with the pure taste of smoking herbs or tobacco. The non-porous and non-combustible nature of the glass will leave no residue on the smoke, thereby offering a pure and smooth smoking experience. The other notable feature of glass smoking pipes is its designs, which are artistically appealing.

Glass pipes are available in various designs that enable you to select the right one according to your design and functional preferences. Besides, it eliminates the need to use smoking paper and the cumbersome practice of rolling it for smoking herbs. Glass pipes are also much easier to clean and can be reused many times.

Favorable Practices When Using Glass Pipes

Glass pipes, particularly the smaller ones, allow you to smoke herb or tobacco fresh. The smoke will become stale if left in the pipe for longer periods, which is particularly the case with larger glass pipes. So it is best to smoke the pipe fully and not leave any stale smoke inside the chamber.

When buying a glass pipe, consider the size of the carburetor carefully, as smaller ones can cause smoke to accumulate inside it. Larger glass pipes have the advantage of enabling the filtration water to retain its coldness for longer periods. Moreover, it is necessary to clean the small glass pipes regularly.