The Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) absorption rate, the coolness of the hits, and the portability are some factors, which smokers consider when buying a percolator glass bong. Upright glass bongs are generally sturdy for frequent smoking and can be handed over to friends portably as well. However, the size will matter a lot while buying the best glass bong for a weekend hangout or a small friends gathering at home.

Even if you are content with your present smoking device, each day will demand an upgrade in due course of time. If you are in the mood to smoke and get on a high with marijuana hits, you may need a transparent glass bong for the best reefing experience.

The percolator bong has a mouthpiece on top to inhale and a chamber underneath for filling cooling ingredient. Fellow smokers who might drop ice onto the percolator or do not know how to hold the bong with due caution are the main culprits of breakage, but the glass bong in general has a durable make.

The smoking device tends to change in diameter alongside the chamber’s length and that may make clearing the trapped smoke somewhat tough especially if the device has a narrow top. The saying goes the bigger the better but that is not always true when it comes to all smoking devices with an exception of with percolator bongs. Narrow mouthpiece or cauldron-like chamber may gain control of your hit, so ensure that you and your friends are comfortable with the overall size of the percolator glass bong.

In addition to comfort, buy a portable bong that you can safely carry and store at home. Furthermore, you should consider the attachments such as ash catcher, party bowl pieces, percolators, mouthpiece, and glass down stem on a percolator bong before picking one from the store.

Percolator glass bongs have intricate designs and are ideal smoking devices to see through daily requirements as well. Although there are many other types of bongs made from different materials such as bamboo, acrylic, plastic, and ceramic, glass bongs offer the best feel and experience of smoking – be it tobacco or cannabis.