Since the laws of the world of dabbing have gained a widespread acceptance, many affordable products for smoking dry herb has started to come to the limelight. Out of the different glass bongs available online, the two which stand out in the collective discussion of people are stemmed and stemless bongs. Although picking a honeycomb stemless bong made of glass over a stemmed counterpart is up to you, below are a few things that differentiate the two.

Stemmed vs. Stemless Glass Bongs

A stemmed bong is a traditional product, which many people use to smoke dry herbs. Usually, such glass bongs have a flexible design, attachable partitions, and a downstem. The stem is the portion in the bong that resembles a tube, which joins the glass bowl, where the herb goes, and also the base, where the water bubbles up when you ignite the dry herb. The downstem typically serves as a channel to move the smoke from the dry herb into the chamber of the bong. In some glass bongs, the stem also works as a carb that allows the user to clear the smoke from the base in an effective way within seconds.

On the other hand, stemless bongs do not have such removable tubes, but feature a unibody design. A stemless bong tends to have a constant link between the bowl and the percolating water in the chamber of the bong. Such variants of standard bongs usually provide the user a way to channel the smoker into the base at a wider angle often 90-degrees. On the contrary, the stemmed bong's downstem usually enter the chamber portion at a 45-degree angle, which is narrower. The wider the angle of the tube positioning, the more the diffusion it shall be said.

When considering the perceived benefits of using glass bongs in terms of availability and affordability, both stemmed and stemless bongs are reasonably priced buys and are simple to use. The plus of buying a bong having a downstem is you can buy the attachment as an accessory from an online shop. This would allow you to easily switch the glass bongs and the stem for one another if needed.

Note that the stemless bongs are relatively easier to clean since they are a one-piece variant of the standard glass bong. Although stemmed bongs have been widespread, stemless bongs are getting recognized for the uniqueness in their design too. You can check out both at online stores that have glass bongs for sale, and pick one as per your liking.