Rolling papers continue to retain their popularity among the smokers due to the unique experience they offer. In spite of the dominance of numerous smoking accessories like glass weed pipes, using rolling papers to smoke cannabis is still the preferred method by many. 


Smoking cannabis using rolling papers offers a relaxed smoking experience when compared to other methods that require immediate inhalation of the smoke. The hit gathered from rolling a joint is also comparatively different from glass bongs and lasts longer. 


Many manufacturers produce a wide variety of rolling papers that are available in the market. Rolling papers differ chiefly in the material used, and having a clear knowledge about them is crucial in selecting the right paper for one's needs. Note that selecting the proper one is important since it can affect the smoking experience and other key aspects such as the flavor and hit. Below is how to choose the right type of rolling papers.


Wood Pulp


Wood pulp is one of the most commonly used materials used to make rolling papers. The material is the same that is used for making cigarettes and therefore is easier to obtain. Rolling papers made from wood pulp are fairly easy to make into a joint due to their slight thickness. Besides, they have a medium burn rate that enables them to stay lit up without extinguishing easily. However, papers made from wood pulp are bleached with certain chemicals that leave an aftertaste, which will interfere with the taste of the smoke.




Hemp rolling papers are made from pure natural hemp fiber. They are thin yet have some texture making it easier to grip while rolling it into a joint or spliff. They produce a mild aftertaste that can add to the flavor of the smoke thus inducing a pleasant smoking experience. It also burns slowly thereby allowing smoking for extended periods. In addition, hemp rolling papers are made from natural substances including the gum and are thus a safer way to smoke.




Yet another commonly used material for making rolling papers is rice. Rice paper is notable for their thinness and does not leave any aftertaste during smoking. This is a big advantage since it does not interfere with the flavor of the smoke. Rice papers burn slowly allowing the join to remain lit for longer. However, rice rolling papers are difficult to roll due to their thin nature and can tear easily.