A scientific bong design element takes cues from glass vessels used in labs, beakers, and test tubes in particular. Even the heady glass water pipes tend to be based on beaker or a test tube shape. Read on to know about the set of advantages offered by both.

Beaker Shaped Glass Bongs

Beaker bongs made of glass come in bubble or cone shape that offer a design with even weight dispersion underneath and balance. It is easy to place beaker bongs on an even or an uneven surface due to this lower center of gravity. Henceforth, you need not bother about fall downs of the glass pipes that are beaker-shaped and can smoke with ease of handling.

The beaker bong’s chamber width allows holding water in larger quantities. Its base tends to have an extra indentation, which is tailor-made to smoke weed without having to worry about water splash in the mouth. The wideness of the beaker bong also ensures more air can be trapped, which results in more circulation of smoke inside the bong. Besides that, its width gives room for putting percolator discs for enhanced smoke filtration. Some beaker bongs enable inserting light modules underneath the base as well, which comes in handy especially when partying with bongs.

Straight Tube Glass Bongs

Straight tube glass water pipes feature a flat chamber and are cylindrical in shape. It is the oldest existing design of the bong that resembles traditional bamboo stalk bongs. Straight tube bongs made of glass give smooth cannabis hits to smokers all thanks to the chamber’s shape. Smokers need not inhale with so much of effort to smoke through the mouthpiece.

Contrary to beaker bongs that are comparative heavy, straight tube bongs tend to leave a soft sound while inhaling. This ‘purr’ sound is in parts due to how the straight tube stacks up water bubbles, as compared to relatively large albeit fewer bubbles inside a beaker bong. Many of the straight tube bongs feature prong pinch for catching ice at the top, protruding from the chamber to the mouthpiece for holding ice cubes. This design aspect of the bong cools down the smoke drastically.

Note that not all of the straight tube bongs have a uniform design; there are some, which feature tapered sides. So they give an indentation such as beaker counterparts although that difference is not as pronounced.