As more and more people are now aware of the dangers of inhaling smoke, new alternatives are being introduced to enjoy the medicinal benefits of dry herbs. Vaping is one of the best examples and dry herb vaporizers are much popular these days. However, a process called dabbing is also picking up momentum these days.

In reality, vaping and dabbing are much related, but the difference is that dabbing specifically refers to the inhalation of smoke that is made by heating up concentrates. If you have tried dabbing, you will be familiar with the terms like domes and nails. This post discusses some of the different styles of nails that are used in dabbing.

Dabbing Nail Styles

There is much discussion out there regarding the best nail for dabbing. It might seem to be an important concern for the beginners; however, you need to keep in mind that the nail you use is responsible for heating the concentrate to make vapor. This means that the nail should be made from a material that heats up quickly and is capable of retaining the heat. Below are some of the popular dab nail options.


Borosilicate glass is strong and is great when used to make pipes and bongs. However, when used to make dab rig nails, it misses the mark. You can find many using glass nails, as they are cheap. However, these nails are not good at retaining heat and might not last long.


Titanium nails are preferred by most of the experienced dabbers. These nails are virtually indestructible and can retain the heat very well. The only issue with titanium nails is that there is the risk of overheating. This can happen to the point where the nail burns the concentrate rather than making vapor.


Like glass dab nails, ceramic nails are at a risk of breaking easily. However, these nails hold the heat a little better than the glass nails. As these nails don't last long, they need to be replaced often, and so are not worthy to consider.


Many experienced dabbers claim that quartz nails are pretty decent and do their job very well. The material is much more durable than ceramic or glass and does not overheat either. The problem is that quartz nails do not hold the heat for long. As it cools quickly, quartz nails might heat the concentrate, but not enough to offer much vapor to you.