Pipes to smoke herb are made from materials like wood, ceramic, glass, and metal, even though metal and glass pipes are the most popular choices. You can find varieties of glass pipes and glass bongs out there while shopping for the smoking device. If you are confused about the best material to smoke herb, the below points might help you in reaching a decision.


In terms of durability, metal pipes have an edge over the glass counterparts. However, there are little chances that you can break your pipe, unless you drop it. In addition, there are many glass pipe models that are much durable than the normal ones. As glass pipes are expensive when compared to the metal ones, you will want to take good care of them to get the most out of them.

Cost and Availability

We know that pipes are available in metal and glass, meaning that the availability will not significantly affect your decision while making the selection of pipes. However, if you do not wish to spend much on your pipe, choosing metal pipe will be the best option for you, as they are cheaper than glass pipes.


It is very much important for you to keep the pipe clean. To get the best aroma and flavor of the herb, you will have the clean the glass pipe before and after each use. You need to have a cleaning regimen for the pipe. Expert users claim that glass pipes are easier to clean than the metal ones. A good scrubbing can get back the glass pipe to its original state.


A brand new metal pipe and a glass pipe will perform equally. However, over time, you will understand that glass pipes are better, as they offer consistent performance that is unaffected by time. The performance of metal pipes will drastically decline when corrosion sets in. Many users have complained about the corrosion of metal pipes and it can be so bad that you might end up inhaling fumes of corroded metal with the herb.

Health Concerns

Glass is an inert material. Therefore, it is a much healthier option than metal. There are no substances in glass, which can make its way into the smoke to cause any health risks. On the other hand, a corroded metal pipe can pose many health risks to the smoker, although you can avoid the risks to a good extent by using stainless pipes. Glass pipes are cooler and offer a less harsh smoke, helping you to avoid burning your lips.