One reason people choose to buy from an online smoke shop versus your local smoke shop is that there is so much more selection when you choose to buy online. No matter how well stocked your local shop is with rigs, bongs, metal pipes, and glass smoke pipes, they only have so much room to display the product that they do have. Your local shopkeeper might be extremely helpful and have no problem to get you what you need if they don't have it, but at that point they're already ordering online. This is something you could've just as easily done yourself while enjoying and even wider variety of pipes and bongs.



Pricing is also another reason to choose an online smoke shop. It costs a lot more to keep and maintain your local smoke shop, and that cost reflects in the prices of the bongs or pipes that you wish to purchase. Online smoke shops don’t have to worry about those costs. Another plus of buying from an online smoke shop is that because they tend to deal with manufacturers directly, they are able to get lower prices on their bongs and pipes and pass those savings onto you.


Payment Options

Although new handheld devices and merchant apps are making it easier for your local shop to accept a wide variety of payment options, there are still payment options that they aren't able to accept. On the contrary, your online smoke shop is able to accept newer types of currencies such as PayPal and Bitcoin which are becoming the norm in payments. Moreover, this is a payment option that your local brick and mortar shop just cannot accept yet.



As much as people are becoming more educated on the subject, laws have started to change, and smoking is becoming more socially acceptable, it still is an extremely taboo subject. With that in mind, legal or not there are certain people who are always going to be affected by the prejudices of smoking. Instead of being seen walking out from their local smoke shop, they would be better off ordering from an online smoke shop.


Buying from an online smoke shop offers a better selection, better prices, more payment options, and offers discreet purchasing and delivery. Overall buying from an online smoke shop is just a better shopping experience.