Among the variety of glass smoking pipes available out there, the steamroller pipes truly stand out, not just in case of the design and functionality, but also in the hit and experience delivered to the user. Steamrollers create a much thicker smoke and will get inside quickly when inhaled. This results in an intense hit of cannabis smoke that is especially favored by hardcore users.

Steamroller pipes derive its name from their design that has a resemblance to that of an old steam locomotive. Being popular for decades, steamrollers are a preferred choice for both new and experienced smokers. Below is a brief look at the features of a steamroller pipe.


A steamroller pipe features some basic resemblance to that of other glass smoking pipes. The design is simple as it consists of a long hollow tube made of glass that has an opening on both the ends. The bowl is located near one of the openings that will hold and ignite the cannabis mixture. Due to their relatively simple design, steamroller pipes are considered as an excellent alternative to large bongs.

Using a steamroller pipe is also simple as its design. Once the cannabis is filled in properly into the bowl, the user needs to cover the hole near to the bowl using one hand with the other opening placed on the mouth. When lit, all it requires is to slowly inhale until the hollow pipe becomes filled with smoke. Then release the hand from the opening and inhale the smoke slowly.

Smoking Experience

As mentioned earlier a steamroller pipe is especially intended for hardcore and experienced smokers. It can deliver a powerful hit than a bong and produce a much longer state of high or euphoria than a standard bong. When smoking, the chamber will get filled with a high amount of smoke that can quickly enter the lungs when inhaled. The amount of smoke inhaled is also much higher than a normal bong that can hurt or irritate the throat and lungs especially that of a beginner.

Choosing a Steamroller Pipe

Steamroller pipes are available in a variety of designs that differ in their color, material, and shapes. The materials used for its construction is one of the crucial things to look for when purchasing one. Mostly, high-quality glass pipes are sourced from borosilicate glass. A steamroller pipe having glass feet is preferred as it stabilizes the pipe when placed on a surface.

Many of the steamroller pipes consist of a carburetor hole that is positioned on the side of the glass. This makes it easier for the user to regulate the amount of smoke inhaled. When choosing one, it is also better to purchase one that comes equipped with mouth guards or mesh screens as it prevents ash from getting inhaled.