Most of the vaporizer pens accommodate an atomizer, which makes the product lightweight and portable to use, and controls the amount of vapor that a user can consume. In the past, the heating elements used to be quartz-rod coils or ceramic coils in portable pens. However, modern herb vape pens have drastically improved the number of atomizers in use today.

Simply put, an atomizer is a heating element of the portable vaporizers where the user places the substance they want to vaporize. Each atomizer differs on herbal vape pens based on the substance one uses to vaporize, which can be dry herb, wax, or other substances. Below is a rundown of the different types of atomizers available for herb vape pens.

Dry Herb Atomizers

In case you are new to vaping dry herb from the device, a dry herb atomizer typically resembles a coil or the heating chamber of a convection oven. The best vape pens available in the market generate vapor from the dry herb, without needing a direct contact with the atomizer. They are henceforth called as the convection oven system. However, there are some atomizers, which burn the dry herb using combustion.

Single-Purpose Atomizers

There are many advantages to having distinct wax atomizers compatible with either dry herb or wax as attachments. When the vaporizing segment started, wick coils were prominently used in the vape pens. Yet nowadays, people use either ceramic or dual-quartz atomizers as attachments. A quartz-rod atomizer would conduct the heat in an efficient manner, thereby ensuring the user consumes the wax efficiently, minus the waste. The heating element would also improve the flavor when vaping wax or shatter.

Multiple Purpose Atomizers

An aspect of vaping using herb vape pens with multi-purpose vape coils is that one can heat dry herbs, wax, oil, or e-juice as per their preference. While there are many different kinds of vape coils available to buy, you can find one that is compatible with dry herbs as well as wax or e-juice.

Note that a single atomizer should not be used to consume both dry herbs and wax, even though the attachment is compatible with both substances. This is because using one vape coil for both would eventually clog the atomizer and thereby shorten the lifespan of the device. Moreover, you should also consider e-liquid tanks and oil cartridges as per the type of your herbal vape pens.