Most e-cigarettes in the market have the ergonomic design, which is reminiscent of the classic fountain pen. An electronic cigarette is a device that burns nicotine or e-liquid into vapor form that users smoke. The shape of an e-cigarette has similarities to the cigarette, but the similarities between the two ends there. In fact, the e-cigarette has a nicotine cartridge or the cartridge for putting e-liquid, an LED indicator, a rechargeable battery, and a heating coil.

When users turn the device on, the device battery activates heating the e-liquid, which is being converted into vapor form. The vapor is odorless if the e-liquid contains marginally less percentage of nicotine. In the pen vaporizer, the vapor is generated from the warm air of a set temperature, which vaporizes the dry herbs and then releases the vapor. That is why many people identify the herbal vape pens as devices, which offer the same functionality of an e-cigarette with many perceived benefits. Below are some benefits of upgrading to the vape pen.

Portable and Affordable Buys

It is said that even vape pen have taken cues from the ergonomic design of the fountain pen. The simplistic design will allow portability and maintains a level of discretion, which may make separating the device to an e-cigarette hard for a novice. When compared to e-cigarettes, the price point of a vape pen is more affordable as quality vaporizers are available online for under $100 or even less. Besides, suppliers of vape pens also offer starter kits with all the needful accessories such as a battery charger and refillable cartridges, making them cheap buys for everyone.

A Versatile Product for Keeps

The device works on a rechargeable battery with a battery capacity sufficient to last through several uses. Standard herbal vape pens have a battery which may range from 650 mAh battery to 1300 mAh or higher. The fact that you can recharge the battery when in need makes the device all the more convenient to use. Besides, people put dry herbs or waxy concentrate herbs into the herbal vape pens; so the application of the device has more scope.

Some use the device for medical purposes and others use pen vaporizer for personal use. In fact, its functionality is something that users may regard highly as vape pens available in the market nowadays are for keeps.