Smokers will know that smoking from a bong is the best way to inhale smoke, as the water in the bong will decrease the temperature of the smoke, making it easy to inhale. In addition, many bad toxins in the smoke are removed when the smoke passes through the water. These benefits have made bongs the most popular way to smoke. Still, bong smokers are long plagued with a dilemma – which bong to use, glass or plastic?

The answer to this question is very simple – glass bongs. It is true that when we were young and had no money to buy glass bongs, we had no other option than cutting the garden hose and using it to make a bong out of a plastic bottle. However, as we age it becomes a necessity to have a proper glass bong for many reasons. Some of the important benefits of using glass bongs are discussed below.

Glass Bongs Offer Better Smoke

One of the main advantages of using glass bongs is that they offer much smoother smoke because the wall of the bong will remain cooler when heated than that in plastic bongs. This will allow you to have a more comfortable pull of the cone. You will notice the difference if you try one after the other. Glass bong offers the cleanest taste, especially if the bong is kept clean.

Easy to Clean

If you have ever tried cleaning a plastic bong, you would know that it is not an easy task. More grime and muck will stick to the walls of plastic bongs and you will remember the garbage dump in your locality while trying to clean a plastic bong. On the other hand, it is very easy to clean glass bongs when compared to plastic bongs.

Glass Allow Accessories Use

You will be able to accessorize glass bongs in many ways when compared to the plastic counterparts. You can easily add larger cones to glass bongs to smoke more at a time. It is also possible to add extra chambers to glass bongs to make the smoke more cooler. These little additives and alterations will make the enjoyment of smoking tenfold with glass bongs and offer possibilities that plastic bongs can never provide.