If you are new to the world of marijuana and herbs, then you might have no clue on what rolling papers are. In simple words, rolling papers can be defined as ultra-thin papers that are used for the sole purpose of smoking herbs and tobacco. One of the major reasons for their popularity is that they offer a social and clean smoking experience to herb enthusiasts.

Rolling papers were initially used and manufactured only in Spain until a few years ago. However, they have become internationally popular these days, and they are also one of the most preferred smoking methods of many marijuana users.

If you are after a greater hit and if you wish to make full use of your herb concentrates, then you must invest in a few rolling papers. Rolling papers of different sizes and shapes are available aplenty in the market, which means that you will be easily able to find the right type of paper that suits your need.

You should also take note of that rolling papers are usually measured by length by width, which means that larger sized rolling papers would allow smokers to roll and smoke large quantities of herb concentrates in a single sitting. Some of the common rolling paper sizes available in the market are as follows.

Single Wide

Single wide rolling papers are the smallest papers available to users and they are about 34-36 mm wide and 68-70 mm long. Several smokers roll single wide rolling papers without filters due to their small size.

One and a Quarter

One and a quarter rolling papers are standard sized and they are widely used by plenty of herb users. They are about 76-78 mm long and 45-48 mm wide.

One and a Half

This type of rolling papers can hold approximately 50 percent more herb concentrates than single wide papers. In addition to that, they are also the ideal choice for smokers who are after a larger roll than one and a quarter rolling papers.

Double Wide

Double wide rolling papers are about 76-78 mm long and 88 mm wide, which means that they can hold twice as same as marijuana concentrates than a single wide rolling paper.

King Size

The biggest standard sized rolling papers that you can get on the market are king size papers. They are 100-110 mm long and 55-60 mm wide, which allows them to accommodate larger quantities of herbs with ease.