Modern bongs come in several designs, which mix up the traditional style of having the carburetor on one side and attachable partitions such as the downstem on the other. Some bongs have honeycomb design with a simplistic structure and several percolator slings.

Despite continuous improvements in the design, many people know that the features of a traditional glass bong may not be in full measure. In modern glass bongs, the downstem comes as an attachment and is put into the chamber at a narrow-angle – usually at a 45-degree angle. There are stemless glass bongs as well, which have a fixed link between the bowl and the chamber allowing the vapor to enter the chamber in a much wider angle – generally 90-degree.

Carburetor holes are typically seen in bongs that don’t have a slide bowl system or an advanced diffuser. Another feature in a bong is an ash catcher, which not only looks elegant on the piece but also gives extra percolation, as well as filters and catches any impurities in the dry herb. Moreover, ash catcher makes it easy to clean the bong after each usage.

Since smoke is the medium you happen to inhale, you can change the attachments in the bong for the basic function or advanced use. For instance, if you use an ice catcher and put 1-3 ice cubes in it, the smoke passing through the partition will give a refreshing chill while inhaling. Ice catchers are optional though, and can be bought as an attachment while you purchase glass bongs online.

Attachments are an important factor to consider like the shape and design of glass water pipes – the bong with your favorite attachments will give better experience as per your preference.

The carburetor is an air hole where the users place the finger while inhaling allowing the chamber to get filled with smoke. The functionality of the downstem with slits is the same – to fill smoke into the chamber of the bong and create small bubbles when you take a hit.

The practical reasons that back smoking herbs in a glass bong are that as there is no paper burning, the smoke stays clean of nasty chemicals and residues. Moreover, using a glass bong gives a smooth hit, which can be good for starters.