The purpose of a percolator bong is to clear tar and debris from the dry herb and enable a cool, refreshing inhale. The smoking process starts when the downstem of the bong creates water bubbles in the chamber; the smoke filters through the water and percolates up the slits to enter the mouthpiece above. Once you are done smoking, you can remove the downstem and clear the smoke trapped inside the percolator to keep it clean.

The downstem is a key component of the percolator bongs, an inlet that lets you insert the dry herb. In fact, even concentrate herbs can be used for smoking when using glass smoking pipes and bongs. However the slits, also known as the percolators, must be submerged in water to get an even hit.

Consumers recognize vintage glass water pipes instantly by the shape of the device. In case you are new to glass water pipes, you need to consider the ease of handling and a few other aspects when buying one.

Buying a Glass Bong

Some percolator bongs have partitions such as ice catchers on top that give additional coolness to the smoke. Standard pipes come in upright design with a chamber underneath, an elongated mouthpiece that extends from the chamber, and the slits in the middle. Another aspect to consider is the pattern, such as color marbles that make the glass smoking pipes somewhat decorative.

The partitions may also have design variances such as discs or trees – the more the partitions the better the percolation would be. Some bongs may also have a carburetor instead of the percolator on the neck to clear smoke from the chamber. Once you decide on the ease of use, the accessories, and the budget, you can narrow down your options and choose one from the available brands.

If the glass has a nonstick coating, then that may make cleaning the piece somewhat easier for you. In addition to that, consider the angle of the optional attachments as well such as ash catchers, splashguards, and the angle of their joints, so that you can inhale and clear trapped smoke easily. You can also consider the portability features and storage options to choose from the available options.