Among the various kind of dab nails available, quartz stands out due to its material quality and functionality. Made of quartz crystals, quartz nails have numerous advantages that make them perfect for smoking such as their ability to withstand large amounts of heat. It is also a highly tougher material that will not break even when subjected to intense stress and pressure. All these qualities make quartz an ideal material for uses as nails.

It can last much longer than traditional glass since they quickly absorb heat. Due to this, quartz nails heat up more quickly than ceramic or titanium nail that can offer a much more enjoyable smoking experience to the user. Besides, quartz nails will not produce any toxic gases when heated, which make it a far better alternative. Their quick heating up and cool down temperature will enable the user to cool down the nails to their preferred temperature.

Types of Quartz Nails

Quartz Banger – They are very popular and feature a dome-less design. They have a deep dish that enables smokers to vaporize oil or waxes in large amounts than was previously possible. The design of quart bangers will prevent the heat in accumulating on the rig and avoid damage due to the heat from the torch or lighter.

Quartz Thermal Banger – A quartz thermal banger is similar in design to a quartz banger, except for having a quart cylinder located in the middle. This design feature prevents the leaking of the concentrate down the joints. Moreover, this also allows the smoker to dab large quantities of smoke without wastage.

Seasoning of Quartz Nails

Seasoning refers to the process of heating a dab nail and applying some wax or oil before it is used. This will form a coating on the surface and cover the pores well. Seasoning of quart nails is done so as to improve the flavor of the smoke when dabbing. Besides, it will also eliminate any of the toxic substances or oils remaining on the nail surface.

To season quartz first, place the new dab nail on the joint of the dab ring or glass bong. Heat the nail for 45 seconds and then apply concentrate or oil after 10 to 15 seconds.

Heating Quartz Nails

When a quart nail is heated, flecks of red will be visible in the material. Heating the nail for too long can cause it become red and this must be prevented. So it is recommended to allow a 10 to 60 seconds cooling time before the oil is added. In addition, using a carb cap is necessary during low-temperature dabs to prevent any wastage of the concentrates.