The cigarette smell can be so unpleasant and even nausea inducing for a non-smoker. A smoker may not understand this, but there are some air fresheners available to alleviate these foul smells.

Different Types of Air Fresheners

Mechanical Filters – Here, charcoal filters are used to remove the odor. A traditional charcoal filter has the ability to remove 99.7% of the odor. You can also use an Ultra-Low Penetration Air Filter to remove the bacteria and mold spores from the air.

Electronic Air Cleansers – They produce an electric field that will ionize all the air particles that pass through it. These air purifiers usually come as add-ons in home heating and cooling systems, and consist of a collection plate that gathers dust particles. You can also purchase them individually though.

Ionizers – An ionizer works same as an electronic air cleanser, but is less expensive. Here, instead of a collection plate, the dust particles in the air are absorbed by the negatively charged particles and will dump it on the ground where you can vacuum them easily.

The Best Air Fresheners to Alleviate Cigarette Smell

Ozium Smoke and Odors Eliminator Gel

Ozium gel will eliminate the unpleasant smell of cigarette and add a mild fragrance of its own. You can control this fragrance by adjusting the lid of the bottle. This gel comes in a small container that you can use easily in your home or car.

Ozium gel will last about two months even with continuous use, unlike many other gels. However, the gel tends to evaporate in hot weather, so try to keep them in cool areas. Further, this is not a good option if you have to clean the odor from a large area.

Smoke Odor Eliminator in Mulberry and Spice

This air freshener comes with an unobtrusive, inviting, and warm smell, which will last for a long time. This spray is available in 26 fragrances other than mulberry and spice. Additionally, it contains special enzymes to eliminate the smoke odors efficiently.

The only drawback is that it has to be reapplied after certain hours for an effective result, as you are spraying it. This spray is also very expensive when compared to other air fresheners, but is worth the price.

Blue Auto Ionizer

This is a handy air freshener that eliminates the cigarette smell from your car within seconds. The main advantages are its quick action and portability. This will also eliminate other odors from your car and will efficiently clean the air within the vehicle.

Do not forget to close it while getting off your car; else, it will create a strong ozone smell inside your vehicle. However, it will go as soon as you open the windows.