If you are a serious marijuana or herb smoker, you will most probably have a clear idea of why it is crucial to have the best smoking accessories or tools on the deck. A collection of exceptional smoking accessories will take your smoking game to the next level and offer you a better and fresh smoking experience.

However, several people who are new to the world of herb smoking often ask which smoking utensils are the must-have accessories that they should buy. If you fall in that category, below are some of the best and most popular smoking supplies that every marijuana user should own.

Glass Pipe

One of the most popular and the basic smoking supply that you should invest in is certainly a glass pipe. Glass pipes of different shapes, sizes, and colors are available aplenty in the market, which means that you will easily be able to find the right one for your needs. Some of the best varieties of glass pipes that you should check out are Sherlock pipes, bubblers, and hand blown glass pipes.

Cases and Pouches

Most of us consider glass pipes and glass bongs as one of the most valuable possessions in our hand. We also take good care of them in order to ensure that they are free of dangers, yet accidents still happen. This is why it is best to invest in cases and pouches because they will add an extra layer of protection to your favorite smoking devices. If you are a person, who loves to carry the glass bong around, you must settle for padded pipe pouches.


If you love to roll a smooth joint or smoke a pipe, then you must have a grinder at your disposal. Grinders help you to easily smooth out the bud, which means that the herb will burn a lot more slowly and smoothly. This in turn increases the hit and offers a better smoking experience to you. In addition to that, the pile of kief buildup will also be much greater when you are using a grinder, thereby offering a greater hit.

In addition to these smoking accessories, you should also try to buy a glass pipe cleaner and a stash jar if it is within your budget. You can always find smoking accessories for cheap and affordable prices at online stores.