Dabbing is one of the newest methods of smoking herb, which has gained immense popularity among smokers over the last few years. This smoking technique is capable of offering a long-lasting hit to marijuana lovers, which is far beyond the hit offered by other smoking alternatives available in the market. However, it is true that you will need to have proper tools in your hand to get the most of your dab rig.

Most smokers who are relatively new to the world of dabbing often wonder what dab tools do they need to purchase for a better dabbing experience. If you were in doubt too, below are some of the most important dab tools you should have.

Universal Titanium Nail

One of the major advantages of buying a universal titanium nail is that you will no longer have to worry about the joint size and gender of your dab rig. This is because universal titanium nails fit with any type or size of dab rig or water pipe as long as it contains a glass joint. In addition to that, most of the titanium nails available in the market are highly durable and they hold heat extremely well, which means that they will work perfectly for you.

Quartz Bangers

Most of the traditional dab nails are entirely straight and they usually sit close to the rig. Placing the nail of your dab rig quite close to the rig when you are heating up the nail with a torch may cause damage to your rig. This is why it is best to invest in quartz bangers. The unique design feature of this dab tool pushes the heat far away from your rig, thereby reducing the chances of damaging the nails. Moreover, quartz bangers also allow users to vaporize more herb concentrates in just a single dab.

Dab Torch

One of the must-have tools or accessories for dabbing is a dab torch. You will need to use this tool to heat the dab nail to the right temperature in order to vaporize your herb. You can find an abundant number of dab torches in the market, but try to settle for one with greater flame output, as it will allow you to heat the nails quickly and evenly. It is also crucial to note that you must use good quality butane to refill the dab torch for superior performance.