If you are a person who loves to smoke herbs or marijuana concentrates, then you might be probably aware of the fact that glass bongs are one of the best smoking devices available to you. This is because most of the modern types of glass bongs available in the market ensure a smooth and greater hit to smokers, in turn helping to make the most of your herb concentrates.

However, several herb enthusiasts often claim that glass bongs are too bulky and they find them unsuitable to carry around while they are on the move. If you are a person having such a feeling, then you should consider about investing in glass bubblers. Below are a few facts that will help you to know more about bubblers.

Bubblers and Bongs are not the Same

It is true that both glass bongs are bubblers use water for increasing the filtration. This means that glass bubblers offer a clean and easy hit, which glass bongs also promise to deliver. However, the major difference between these two smoking devices is that the bowls of bubblers are usually small when compared to that of glass bongs. In addition to that, glass bubblers are conveniently sized too, which implies that they are easy to carry around.

Bubblers Filter Smoke Very Well

As you probably would know, one of the most noticeable differences between bubblers and glass bongs is their complexity. Many glass crafters design percolators inside glass bongs in order to develop better smoke filtration systems. Today, most of the higher-end bongs usually have multiple percolators that cool the smoke. However, even though bubblers do not have multiple numbers of percolators, they are still capable of offering potent and greater hit. Moreover, they also filter smoke exceptionally well.

Bubblers are Easy to Carry Around

One of the major benefits of glass bubblers is its portability factor. There was a time when many smokers had to carry around bulky glass bongs while traveling one place to another. However, the arrival of glass bubblers changed things, as users are now able to easily carry them and enjoy the same hit as that of a glass bong. So, if you are in search of a smoking device that you can easily carry around while you are on the go, then it is best to invest in a glass bubbler.