Regular smokers tend to carry a range of accessories for smoking cannabis such as grinders, rolling papers, roach book, etc. They can help in creating a quick joint or a fine cannabis mixture for use in glass bongs or pipes. Most smokers tend to miss another important accessory though, which is a weed container. They are used to store weed while transporting and preserve its quality for extended periods. A weed storage container is, therefore, a must-required addition to the smoking kits of regular smokers.

Of course, it is important to select the right storage container. This can depend entirely on one’s requirements such as the amount of weed carried or any other specific features like compartments for storing different strains at the same time. Weed storage containers are available in different types with varied properties. Having a clear knowledge of such basic properties of weed containers will aid in choosing the right one. Below are three factors to consider while choosing weed storage containers.


A weed storage container needs to be airtight and well-sealed to preserve the cannabis strains as long as possible. It is one of the most crucial properties to look for while choosing a weed storage container. Most containers have rubber sealing around the rims and the top to ensure that the contents inside are airtight and properly sealed.

Choosing airtight containers has the key benefit of preserving the potency of the cannabis strains. Most weed strains diminish in their flavor and potency when exposed to oxygen. Using airtight weed containers ensure that the cannabis strains are stored without exposing to air, thus increasing their longevity.

Moisture Control

Weed containers must have moisture control properties that will prevent the degradation of the cannabis strains. The presence of moisture can result in the growth of mold and bacteria on the cannabis leaves. Mold growth can result in the cannabis strains to lose their potency, and if left for a long time, can leave the strains virtually useless.

A weed container with moisture control ensures that the insides remain perfectly sealed thus preventing any moisture buildup and protecting the strains from any mold growth. This helps preserve the potency and the longevity of the weed strains inside the container.


Lightproof is another important property to look for when choosing weed container. Exposing the cannabis to light particularly those having UV rays can have a significant influence on the composition of the strains. It can result in a decrease in the THC levels and the potency of the weed, which can negatively affect the smoking experience. Using a lightproof weed container keeps the strain away from light in total darkness, which in turn, helps in preserving its potency.